Annex Viii Eea Agreement

In the absence of agreement on such rules or provisions, the Party concerned may take the necessary measures to avoid circumvention. All agreements or decisions prohibited by this article shall be automatically null and void. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, a Party may refuse to land fish from a stock of common interest whose management is in serious disagreement. If the Kingdom of Norway makes use of this right, the Agreements applicable to Svalbard shall apply, in particular: the Agreement establishing the European Free Trade Association, the Free Trade Agreement between the European Economic Community and the Kingdom of Norway and the Free Trade Agreement between the Member States of the European Coal and Steel Community and the European Coal and Steel Community, on the one hand, and the Kingdom of Norway, on the other, continue to apply to Svalbard. goods contained in a consignment the internal value of which does not exceed EUR 22, provided that the customs authorities, with the agreement of the economic operator, authorise a risk analysis to be carried out using the information contained in the system used by or provided by the economic operator; An agreement or decision prohibited under paragraph 1 shall automatically be void and may not be invoked before a court of the EC Member States or of the EFTA States. The instruments resulting from the negotiations referred to in paragraph 1 shall be subject to ratification or approval by the Parties in accordance with their own procedures. At the request of a Party, consultations shall be held between the Parties on maritime transport-related issues dealt with by international organisations, on the various aspects of development that have taken place in maritime relations between the Parties and third countries and on the functioning of bilateral or multilateral agreements concluded in this field. agreements or categories of agreements between undertakings; The Parties undertake to inform each other in the context of the work carried out within the framework of international organisations and within the framework of agreements on intellectual property. Subject to the procedure referred to in Article 9b(3) of this Protocol, the time limits referred to in paragraph 1 shall not apply where the international security agreements between the Contracting Party and third countries provide otherwise. if, in such a dispute, the EEA Joint Committee has not reached agreement on a solution within six months of the opening of that procedure or if, by then, the Contracting Parties have not decided to request a decision from the Court of Justice of the European Communities, can a Party seek a satisfactory solution to remedy any imbalances in the EEA Joint Committee: where one or more of the other parties oppose the proposed measure. If the parties do not reach an agreement, appropriate measures may be taken. In the absence of other means, such measures may include the repeal of the principle of freedom to provide maritime services between the Contracting Parties, as set out in Article 1 of the Regulation; This Protocol shall not supplement or impede the application of mutual assistance agreements concluded or likely to be concluded between the EC Member States and the EFTA States or between the EFTA States. .