Bsd Bta Collective Agreement

” (We thought) that the division had violated some sections of the collective agreement, and that`s why we wanted clarification on that,” BTA President Cale Dunbar told The Sun on Tuesday. “I think we got that clarity.” According to arbitration documents released Monday and made available to The Sun by the BTA, a panel of three arbitrators ruled that Brandon`s school division violated several sections of the collective agreement with teachers. Articles against which the DSB violates, according to the documents, are the right of teachers to a defined number of preparation hours per week, the right of teachers to a continuous lunch break of 60 minutes per day and the agreement of the department to act fairly and in good faith with the collective agreement. While the BTA sought compensation for teachers affected by treaty violations, arbitrators left it to both parties to discuss what form this should take, while retaining the right to make a decision in the future if no agreement was to be reached. Bachelor of Education Graduates – Substitute Teaching May/June 2019 Hey there, time traveller! This article was published on 01.02.2020 (317 days ago), so the information it contains may no longer be up to date. In July, hearings were held between the two parties at the Victoria Inn, with a few additional meetings in the following months. Among the witnesses was BSD Supt. Marc Casavant, Asst. Supt. Mathew Gustafson, Dunbar, former BTA President Peter Buehler and several teachers and school administrators. However, she expressed disappointment that the verdict was largely opposed to the partition.

Applications must indicate the number of the competition and be received by 12:00 p.m. on the date mentioned above. E-mail or fax requests must include an application form for teachers in the Brandon School Division, a cover letter, a full resume containing the names and contact information of three professional references, a copy of your professional certification confirmation message, your post-secondary transcript and your latest performance evaluation.