Teamviewer End User Agreement

A licensed user can start a session simultaneously With 15 licensed users, which allows 1 user to open 1 remote session at the same time, I wrote the same question to Teamviewer support and I received such a response: When installing TeamViewer via SSH, please note that there is an EULA agreement that must be accepted before the mistlet can be launched to get an ID. You may need to restart the teamviewer demon with $teamviewer-daemon. It may be helpful to provide a TeamViewer host in your organization to facilitate support from your end-users. You can then run TeamViewer with the sudo teamviewer command and remove the shell control process, but it still leaves it connected to the terminal. 5.) Then launch the demon with sudo teamviewer —daemon –start or restart if needed sudo teamviewer –daemon restart and then then just add the following lines in the /opt/teamviewer9/config/global.config file: But I have only one question: We have acquired the license, which allows up to 3 simultaneous connections with our end-user 150 in case of support. But these licenses are only for administrators/ Techs aren`t they? If so, then end-users use a free license to put TeamViewer on their machines, or do we need to install the license for every computer we need to monitor with the program? You can do this either through our online store or by contacting our sales team. Upgrades include packet switches or simply adding additional users and/or services. But I did not succeed because of the fact that it is necessary to accept the license agreement from the first launch. So I try to start with -X-touch via SSH, but this window with accepting the license agreement key doesn`t appear! Only if the license is not accepted does the error message window appear. 1.) SSH in the device to install TeamViewer (Follow installation instructions. If help is needed for shell controls, then teamviewer –help) 2.) After the installation of TeamViewer, please install the unsupervised teamviewer password a –passwd [PASSWD] 3.) After please stop the demon with sudo teamviewer –daemon stop 4.) In the global.conf in /opt/teamviewer/config/global.conf file, write the following lines: My question: How to accept the Teamviewer license agreement from/under the console at the first start? Yes – All you have to do is activate the license on the Administrator/Supporters TeamViewer accounts and users/end customers only have an unlicensed version of TeamViewer. I`m trying to launch teamviewer and get TeamViewer ID via the ssh console with this command: TeamViewer is offered free to everyone for personal and non-commercial use – and most of our users comply with the rules by acquiring a license if they want to use TeamViewer for commercial purposes.

The TeamViewer ID should not be empty, less than 8 or more than 11 digits. If you want to use TeamViewer from any device of your choice and offer other members of your organization the option to use the TeamViewer license, the Premium license may be the right choice. Generally speaking, a single page of a connection requires a license.