Bc Public Service Collective Agreements

(b) where they are not appointed, are officers or officers of the Government in the performance of their duties or are directly or indirectly responsible for the proper performance of their duties vis-à-vis the Government; 2. If, notwithstanding paragraph 1, a collective agreement provides for notice of notice of the commencement of collective bargaining, which is longer or shorter than that prescribed in paragraph 1, that provision of the collective agreement shall be effective and shall be considered termination under this Act. (c) inform the union monthly or otherwise as provided for in the collective agreement, the names of the workers whose monthly wages were paid in the preceding month and the amount deducted. (a) The negotiator for workers may, by written notification, request the government to enter into collective bargaining or 13 (1) A collective agreement shall contain provisions that, taking into account persons in the bargaining unit who, at the time the union is certified as a negotiator for that bargaining unit, provide that the government shall: (10) Where the dispute relating to the subsidiary collective agreement is governed by Article 10(1)(b), the matter is considered to be a matter to be settled under the framework agreement. (b) a collective agreement is in force and the application is submitted during the seventh and eighth months in which the contract is in force or within a longer period than the board of directors authorises elsewhere. .