Wifi Hotspot Agreement

I understand that a hotspot can be cancelled depending on availability. Hotspots can be removed and retrieved after the exit bell (after 3 p.m.) and must be returned before the first hour (until 7:55 a.m.) the next morning. The hotspot must be returned to chillicothe High School Library Media Specialist or Ms. Forbes with all accessories provided up to the due date/date. If the hotspot is not returned to the due date, the parent/guardian is notified. In addition, the Wi-Fi service is separate and the hotspot can no longer be used. If the device is not returned, a $200 replacement fee will be charged. The Chillicothe R-II School District reserves the right to refuse cash to students who abuse hotspots or who make them late several times. Hotspots can be opened to home students through chillicothe R-II Homebound for up to seven (7) days depending on availability. Parents/guardians are responsible for monitoring what their children have access to during the use of hotspots.

Therefore, all students must have the permission of parents or legal guardians to check these mobile hotspots. The use of the hotspot is subject to Sprint`s use policy, privacy and terms of use, as well as the acceptable use policy of Chillicothe R-II School. Students are related to chillicothe R-II`s acceptable use policy, administrative procedures and all other policies in this document, as well as chillicothe R-II Chromebook`s use policy and the manual where they use a hotspot and/or Chromebook. I understand that the hotspot cannot be returned to the bookdrop; it must be returned to the library specialist at Chillicothe High School or to Mrs. Forbes. If I do not refer the hotspot to chillicothe High School Library Media Specialist or to Mrs Forbes in good condition with all the accessories provided, the replacement fee is $200. I understand that the hotspot operates on the Sprint network and that the speed and availability of Wi-Fi will depend on the service area of the Sprint towers. Service is not provided in all areas. Chillicothe R-II School District provides Students and staff at Chillicothe High School with access to Wi-Fi hotspots. These devices allow students and employees to access the wireless internet at home or on the go. However, unlike Chromebooks provided by the Chillicothe R-II School District, these hotspots do not have filtering software.